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Who we are

Overdose Tech Club is the community where you can learn and develop yourself within the eCommerce industry.

Our global awards and experience in developing eCommerce websites for big-market brands make us experts in the industry!

Our specialists help us to expand the learning base and participate in the discussions because we want to share our expertise in eCommerce development and involve more specialists in this industry.


We strive to create an educational platform and a community space for the eCommerce developers where they can share their knowledge

and improve their existing skills. We are also thrilled to invite people who want to change their professional direction and get into eCommerce development!

Overdose Tech Club is here to assist you in improving yourself and learning something new.

Learning Opportunities

We designed our club to have multiple educational options for specialists with different levels of knowledge. Whether you are an experienced professional or just want to join eCommerce development, we have the content for everyone!


You can enrol our Junior Magento 2 Backend Developer and Junior Magento 2 Frontend Developer courses for free and have access to the material and communication in the groups with the developers. Also, after the successful completion of the courses, you will get the certification.


Overdose Tech Club Blog explores different topics in the eCommerce industry including: marketing, technologies, and the latest trends. We regularly post articles and guides that help eCommerce enthusiasts to learn more about the development process and how to make online stores better. Moreover, our experienced specialists contribute to the blog by submitting their technical articles. By sharing knowledge, we encourage our club members to develop themselves as professionals in this industry.

Training Programs and Community

Our community offers educational opportunities for enthusiasts who want to develop themselves in the eCommerce industry. We provide free training programs for Magento, Shopify, and BigCommerce developers. Also, we have courses for QA Engineers and Project Managers. By joining one of the professional programs, you can get the access to quality educational material and join the private groups and forums where specialists in the respective fields discuss specific cases and share professional experience.

Join us

We invite you to join our community of eCommerce enthusiasts. You can learn the basics with our Magento courses, improve your skills with other 16 training programs, or join a club to discuss the specifics of eCommerce development.

Besides, we offer many other bonus features
for our employees who have joined
the Overdose Tech Club!