10 benefits working remotely

In this post, we’ll take a look at the benefits of telecommuting, as Overdose Digital has long had this capability. Of course, everyone has their own preferences and someone may want to go to the office and cannot concentrate on working from home. But we want to share the impressions of our employees who work remotely.

So let’s get down to business:

1. Comfort
No one will take care of all your wishes for organizing the working environment and ensuring its comfortable conditions better than yourself. That is why, despite the rain or thunderstorm outside the window, you can always quickly and easily get to your workplace. At least as a plus, taking care of your health, you will observe all this amazing landscape right outside the window. Check your email and Slack chats over your morning coffee.

Sounds good, right?

2. Time
Less bezel means more space. Now you are not a hostage of the urban environment, queues and traffic jams. There can be many options, but when every day you don’t need to rush anywhere, try to squeeze into a bus, or get stuck in a traffic jam, then your plans for the day will have more opportunities for implementation.

3. Performance
Now that you have organized your work environment and adjusted all the processes, you can easily plan your day and customize it to combine work tasks with homework, personal life, fitness and self-development.

4. Flexibility
It is easier to combine remote work with business trips, unscheduled visits to the dentist or veterinarian, and it will be easier to receive guests, because from now on their visit will not be so unexpected.

5. Variety
If you wish, you can always change your place of work at home for a table in your favorite cafe or coffee shop, or even go to work somewhere closer to the beach. For those who quickly get tired of the monotony and lack of physical activity in the office walls, this format of work will be a big plus.

6. Availability
In general, remote work can appeal to everyone, if, of course, you are friends with self-organization and self-discipline.

7. Self-improvement
Remote work leaves more time for the activities you really enjoy. Having a flexible schedule and not being tied to a specific place, you will find the opportunity to find out the important and interesting information for you.

8. Family
If you want to spend more time with family and friends, be with your loved one more often, or at least not leave your cat at home for the whole day, then switching to remote work in this case will be an excellent solution.

9. Training
“As long as we can learn, the mind has no reason to despair.” Teleworking helps us combine work with university studies, exams, or other important academic tasks. It will help you learn the most important skills – from organizing yourself to making important decisions. After all, the more choice, more freedom, and the more freedom, the higher the responsibility.

10. . Office riots
Working from home, you do not need to worry that someone may distract you from work processes, there is an opportunity to be alone and in silence, fully focusing on a specific task.

You no longer need to think that you will be late for team building if you suddenly poured coffee in a hurry and stood in the bathroom for a long time, removing the stains of the incident.

Take your timeless stress if you like a quieter, more rhythmic work environment.

We assume that most of you will disagree with the last point since no such inconvenience can replace full-fledged communication with colleagues. In such a situation, of course, it is great if there is an opportunity to come to work in the office whenever there is a desire or to gather a team in a coworking space. And it’s good that Overdose Digital has all of these capabilities. Everyone has the right to decide how and where it is more convenient for him to work.

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