10 Google Chrome Features You Probably Did Not Know

Google Chrome is one of the most popular applications used by millions of people. Nevertheless, despite this popularity, there are a lot of secrets and less known features which are helpful for any user. Today, we will talk about these features and how they can be useful for every user. 

1. Shortcut keys for the extensions

If you are a fan of keyboard navigation and trying to do all operations without touching a mouse, Chrome allows you to assign the shortcut keys to the installed extensions. For this, enter chrome://extensions in the address bar and scroll the list of the installed extensions until the end. At the bottom, you will see the “Keyboard Shortcuts.”

You can assign the shortcuts for the work with the needed extensions in the window.

2. Save every page as PDF

Sometimes, you need to save a page just as it is displayed at the moment. For this purpose, PDF format is the most suitable option. Besides, a pdf file has a small size and can be easily printed. To save the page as a PDF file, you need to press Ctrl+P (Windows), and then select in the list of printers option “Save as PDF”. 

#Save as PDF
Ctrl + P (Windows)

3. Memory Cleaning

When you work in Google Chrome for a long time, it slowly consumes all memory and starts lagging. Although you can restart the browser, this action would disrupt your workflow. Therefore, it is recommended to partially clean memory with the integrated task manager.

Press combination Shift+Esc to open the window of the task manager. Sort the processes by the consumed memory and close the ones that are not needed. 

#Google Chrome task manager
Shift + Esc

4. Group tabs

This recent feature allows the organization of tabs in the groups to avoid the cluster of multiple tabs. Usually, when you open many tabs, it gets much harder to find the ones you need, and overall the navigation between the tabs becomes unnecessarily complicated. By right-clicking on a tab, you can create a group of tabs, move other tabs to this group, and assign a needed color to this group. Then, you can just open or close this group to find the needed tab. 

5. View Saved Passwords

Many people know about the integrated password manager and use it. However, not everybody knows how to view the saved passwords in the manager. Just type in the address bar chrome://settings/passwords and find the needed account. Click on it. After that, the button “Show” will appear.

#Password manager. In the address bar:

6. Sending letters from the address bar

When we need to write a new letter, we usually open a new tab, type in the search bar “gmail,” and compose a letter from this tab. However, you can avoid these actions in Chrome by typing in the address bar mailto:receiver@domain.com. After that, you will immediately open the window to compose a new letter. 

7. More shortcuts on the bookmark bar

If you want to fit more bookmarks on the bookmark bar, you can delete their name and leave only buttons with the icons. For this, click on a bookmark with the right-click and select “edit” in the context menu. The window with the bookmark will appear where you can delete the name and then press “save.”

When you are typing any request in the address bar, it suggests the needed links from your bookmarks and browser history. If you do not want to see a certain site in the suggestion list, just select it and press the combination Shift + Delete.

9. Browsing cached version of a site. 

To view a cached version of a web page from the Google cache, you just need to put cache: before the address and press “Enter”.

10. Notepad in the new tab

It is always useful to have a notebook and pen on you. Nevertheless, if you are caught in a situation where you do not have a place where you can write something down, do not worry. Just type in the address bar data:text/html, <html contenteditable> and a blank page will open up which can be used as a convenient notepad. Of course, you do not need to memorize this address. You can add a bookmark to the bar.

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