2022: Overdose Tech Club recap

In 2022, our Overdose Tech Club grew not only in terms of the site’s functionality, but also as an educational portal and community for eCommerce enthusiasts. Our team was constantly working on improving the experience and expanding the capabilities for the members. In this regard, let us review the most important updates of Overdose Tech Club in 2022.


We are happy to announce that this year, we have launched the forums for the club members. Now, communication within the community has become more convenient and productive. Members can create discussion topics on our forums, which is much more effective than chat groups. Everyone interested in the particular information can conveniently find it on the forum. Also, we consider that this addition to the club will encourage people to share knowledge, learn something new from their colleagues, and find solutions to developmental challenges. With our experienced eCommerce enthusiasts, we are confident that the forum will thrive and be a great place for professional development.

Training programs

The educational opportunities are at the core of the Overdose Tech Club experience. We want our new club members to get into eCommerce development and learn its essential aspects. Meanwhile, we also encourage experienced developers to polish their skills and knowledge by learning something new related to their profession. We have created free training programs dedicated to Magento, Shopify, and BigCommerce. Also, we have free courses for QA Engineers and Project Managers. In addition, we have launched a new Varnish course. In our lessons, you’ll learn how Varnish can provide an immediate performance boost to a Magento site.

Updated info pages

We wanted our club members to access all the information about the capabilities of Overdose Tech Club in the most convenient and easiest way. Therefore, we reworked and updated our About Page and FAQ to convey our project’s core values and goals and answer the most frequently asked questions about membership in the club. We also updated the Knowledge Base page, which contains essential information about the club and its features. The contacts page is available for anyone who still has questions or wants to clarify any information regarding the Overdose Tech Club.

Blog and other updates

Our Tech blog dedicated to eCommerce development and industry topics is constantly updating with new articles. Our new navigation on the blog page allows conveniently choosing the category and finding an interesting topic with one click. Moreover, we also added the button to add an article. Just click on it, and you can share your technical article with all the club

Other important updates to the Overdose Tech Club include a simplified registration process and Google authorization. We also optimized the user profile and fixed the general bugs that have occurred on the website. Subsequently, with the great functionality, we implemented the best SEO practices to make our club appear high in the search results.


All in all, we are excited about the growth of our Overdose Tech Club and proud of the improvements that we managed to bring to provide an excellent educational experience. Considering that our tech club is also a big eCommerce community with enthusiasts from different places, we hope that we will be able to expand our capabilities and educational material to attract even more members.

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