5 cybersecurity trends in 2022

Considering the high rates of the security breaches in 2021, the small companies and big enterprises became even more concerned regarding how to protect their operations and clients from cybercriminals. In the article, we will discuss the cybersecurity trends in 2022 in general and examine what actions are essential to take for any company to enhance data protection.

Governmental involvement in cybersecurity

The high rates of security breaches and privacy concerns attracted the government. The governments are willing to protect their data and assure that all citizens have more security in this regard. Governments are more likely to involve more resources to protect the citizens from misinformation and threats from hackers. Moreover, there would be a growing need to invest in the development of cybersecurity industry and its tools. Such cooperation between the government and cybersecurity developers would benefit everyone. 

Prioritization of cloud security

The cloud environments became a primary solution for the majority of the companies which have remote collaboration with employees. Moreover, the use of cloud services is just more convenient overall. Therefore, the prioritization of cloud security would make sense given the possibility that the criminals can steal all the operation data. One of the predictions of IBM on this topic implies the increase in the hybrid use of the cloud environment and on-premises storage

Scouting the security talents

With the increase of cybersecurity threats, the companies encountered the need to find solutions and effective mitigation to the possibility of the security breach. In addition, it is vital to have professionals who can identify the vulnerabilities and implement the needed strategies. Relying on cybersecurity software is no longer enough. A company has to have specialists capable of optimizing and improving the existing security measures. As a result, more and more companies would be scouting the security talents and investing in their training on cybersecurity proficiency.

Employee awareness training

The efforts in data protection and cybersecurity using the software tools could fail when an employee is not aware about the most crucial security measures. Employee awareness training is of most importance for small and medium-size businesses because they do not use sophisticated software, and recovering from the data breach could be very expensive for them. One wrong click from an employee could lead to disastrous consequences for a company. Hence, it is essential to establish clear security policies, on-boarding training, and off-boarding procedures to ensure that an employee’s actions would not lead to security breaches.

Password security

This one trend is very specific and has gained more and more support in recent years. Such simple measures as using the password managers could protect the company from brute force attacks and some phishing attempts. It is important to have a complex password that is hard to guess. Also, sharing passwords between employees should be only with the help of password managers. Hopefully, even if a cybercriminal manages to get access to the managers, it will be impossible to use encrypted data.  


Lastly, it is crucial to emphasize that dealing with cybersecurity threats should involve the cooperative efforts of the tech companies. The biggest software developers like Microsoft focus on more effective security solutions that can be used across all platforms and on experience exchange among the professionals in the security industry. Sharing the most effective practices with others would help to develop more advanced security measures for everyone. The primary idea is not to protect oneself from cybersecurity threats but to not allow cybercriminals to commit malicious acts.

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