5 Development Trends to Successfully Build Store in 2022

Building a store requires considering not only marketing trends in the eCommerce industry but also the technologies which are going to benefit the sales. Namely, with the rapid evolution of eCommerce platforms and technologies that power the open-source solutions for the online stores, the store owners have to think about what they should include in their business to make it successful and future-proof from a technical perspective. Therefore, we will review the five most exciting trends in eCommerce development that could make any store more successful.

Sustainable development practices

This trend is mostly related to the way companies build their sites and their approach to the development process. For instance, the intention to minimize the amount of technological impact on the environment itself is considered to be a positive step in the sustainability effort. One of the Shopify Expert Agencies Noughts & Ones mentioned that sustainable development could be code-conscious. It implies efficient coding (shrinking scripts, compressing downloads, setting appropriate caching times, and combining files). Besides, all other design decisions to minimize the animations and colors that emit less light are important considerations in the sustainable development of a store.

Headless eCommerce development

This trend in development implies building a store with the consideration that it can be deployed on different platforms. In particular, headless development emphasizes building the back-end of a store without the connection to the front-end. Even though the headless framework involves a complex development process, the positive side is the fact that you can use it for any front-end. As a result, headless development is more about having a framework that can be repurposed for another design in the future. Moreover, with the use of APIs and help from experienced managers, there is always the possibility for the innovations and evolution of a store.

Optimization of Performance

The performance of a store is one of the most important factors that influence the bounce rate and willingness of customers to return to a store. Most likely, a customer will choose a store that is convenient in navigation and fast in loading pages. In terms of development, it is important to emphasize that the application and front-end of a store did not decrease the performance of a site. In the future, the developers should consider how to optimize the back-end of applications to improve their performance. One of the recommendations from Shopify’s App developer is to review the metrics from the busiest dates of a store in a past and work on the slow running processes and queries.

Augmented reality and 3D modeling

The evolution of technologies that could help make a realistic representation of an item could significantly enhance the shopping experience. Primarily, in the clothing industry, the opportunity to try out clothes from the interface of a site could influence the purchasing decisions of a customer. This trend could be powered by Augmented Reality technologies and implemented as part of a shopping application. In addition, making 3D models for the items in store could also serve as a better representation of products in the store. Therefore, considering the trends in Augmented Reality and enhanced shopping experience, the large-scale shops should consider how they can implement these features to have a competitive advantage.

AI in the shopping experience

Using Artificial Intelligence to optimize and enhance the experience for the customers is a consideration that could not be implemented in the actual store. For instance, AI can collect data about the preferences of customers and their behavior during online shopping. Then, using this data, a store can improve the suggestions and display the content that most likely fits a customer’s needs. Although the implementation of AI in development would require the extra resources to hire professionals in AI development, the result which would be seen in the increase of the returning customers outweighs the costs and complexity. This trend is already relevant in the different spheres, including eCommerce. 


The development trends to build a successful store in 2022 are mostly related to the improvement of customer experience and making the development more sustainable and with the consideration for future innovations. Additionally, one may agree that the trend for the integration of shopping into social media could be the primary goal to increase the number of customers by merging shopping and social experience.

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