Benefits of Joomla!

Joomla! is among the most popular content management systems (CMS) used to build websites with ready-to-use elements and a simple admin interface. Similar to WordPress, Joomla offers a variety of tools for publishing different types of content and managing it with ease. Also, it is an open-source solution that can be installed and modified as you need. Over 3% of the entire Internet websites were made with Joomla, including eCommerce websites. Luckily, there are multiple possibilities for building an online store. 

Joomla! Admin Panel

Joomla in nutshell

Joomla is based on PHP and MySQL, utilizes object-oriented programming, and is built on a model–view–controller web application framework. In practice, Joomla allows modifying a page, adding elements, and editing content with no code. This website builder is widely used to create the following sites:

  • eCommerce stores;
  • Corporate websites;
  • News and media resources;
  • Organizational websites;
  • Community portals;
  • Portfolio websites;

Moreover, the framework of Joomla allows making the applications and extensions to improve the core functionality of a website to fit the needs. Besides the development, there are multiple free and paid add-ons to choose from that could enhance every site.

Advantages of Joomla

The initial benefit of Joomla is the notion that it has the tools to edit and manage the content of a page without technical knowledge and coding. With the WYSIWYG editor, you just modify the content, and it will look exactly the same on a web page. However, it also has the options for advanced modifications and frontend editing. The variety of free templates (themes) can fit almost any website’s needs. Another key benefit of Joomla is its SEO features available out of the box. You can change the metadata and keywords of every page to make your site appear higher in search results. Joomla is also built with the multilingual approach, and it supports more than 70 languages.

Discussing more technical advantages of Joomla, one may mention its framework allows making web and command-line applications for your website. Another critical notion is the fact Joomla constantly releases security updates that protect from cyber attacks. Great eCommerce support is the key to Joomla’s success among the merchants who are willing to open a store with this CMS. To improve the eCommerce and other types of functionality on a site, Joomla provides a significant extensions library divided into categories to make the navigation more convenient. For instance, one can install eCommerce modules like payment gateways, shopping carts, or billing & invoice software. Moreover, there are also extensions to improve the performance and security of a Joomla site. Lastly, with the release of “Joomla! 4” the support, a number of extensions, and functionality will only grow. Meanwhile, the support from the community could help to solve any issues with Joomla and find the needed solutions to improve the functionality of a site.

Final thoughts

Surely, Joomla has multiple competitors, including another popular open-source CMS — WordPress. Nevertheless, Joomla manages to provide all the needed functionality for the needs of contemporary users and developers. Building websites and applications with Joomla is easy and can have endless potential due to its open-source nature. However, it is important to mention that, unlike WordPress, installing and using Joomla’s functionality might require some technical expertise.

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