Best Payment Gateways for Magento 2

The integration of payment gateways into an eCommerce site is an essential part of every store that allows making transactions. Moreover, the variety of payment options influences the customer experience and their willingness to proceed with payment. Nevertheless, the selection of payment gateways should be implemented considering the targeted customers and region of business. In the article, we will discuss the best payment gateways that are universally popular among eCommerce merchants.


This payment gateway is one of the most popular solutions not only in the United States but also in the majority of European countries. Also, since PayPal is a convenient service that allows transactions between users, many customers who engage in online shopping prefer this payment method. The great news is that Magento 2 offers PayPal integration out of the box. All you have to do is to configure this payment gateway from the admin panel, and you will be able to use it.


Braintree is another payment gateway that is available for Magento 2 shops out of the box and offers the integration of numerous payment methods. In particular, it supports American and European credit cards, PayPal and Venmo, and most importantly, it connects Apple Pay and Google Pay. 

Braintree Payment Methods

Braintree assures data security and provides additional tools which help merchants to have more control over the transactions and their analysis. Although it has all the necessary tools and capabilities for international merchants, this payment gateway will be the most effective for the US market due to its support of the direct bank payments available in the United States.


WorldPay is a very capable payment solution that offers payment integration into your eCommerce store and provides other tools that help with more effective transaction management. This payment gateway is the UK’s No.1 payments provider. Considering its global reach, it can be used in international markets. Nevertheless, WorldPay will be the most suitable for the merchants who open their online stores in Europe. As the official site of WorldPay states, this platform is built for developers and offers a robust and clean API. With the WorldPay extension on the Magento marketplace, one can configure the payment methods and other settings from the admin panel.

WorldPay Features

Amazon Pay

This payment gateway is a perfect solution for the merchants in their stores because it provides a secure and well-known payment option for the customers to pay from their amazon wallets (accounts). Similarly to the PayPal option and other wallet payments, Amazon Pay makes the checkout process more smooth for the customers and, thus, increases the store’s conversion rate.  

Amazon Pay Benefits

However, since Amazon services are not available (or not popular) in certain regions, choosing this payment option would be highly effective in the United States and several countries where Amazon is popular among users. For that, a merchant has to conduct market research.


Stripe is a well-known Internet payment system that provides the solution to different platforms. Particularly, the extension Stripe Payments can be found on Magento Marketplace and easily installed to any store. The documentation of Stipe explains in detail how to integrate this payment gateway into a Magento 2 store. The primary benefits of Stripe are that it aims for the international market and it provides the tools for conversion, accepts over 135 currencies and 20 payment methods. Since Stripe supports many languages, currencies, and payment methods, one may admit that it can be suitable for merchants who sell products internationally.

Stripe payments

Other payment gateways and Magento modules

All the payment getaways mentioned previously are respectable companies known worldwide and have significant technical capabilities and support. All these solutions have ready-to-use Magento modules which can be easily installed and utilized for online stores. However, if you found a lesser known payment provider which offers the most suitable features and fees, you might need to hire a Magento developer who can create a module that will connect this payment provider and your store. The opportunity to develop a custom payment module is one of the essential benefits of Magento as an eCommerce platform because you can customize it according to your specific needs.


Since there is a wide selection of payment gateways for Magento 2, one may agree that the decision to choose the right one should be based on the business needs. Namely, one has to research which payment methods are the most popular among the customers in the region where your eCommerce business operates. Also, one has to assess the scale of a business and choose the simple option with the lower fees while with fewer functionality options when running a small buisses, for example. However, the above-mentioned payment gateways are known to be the most popular among merchants from different regions and with different scales of operations.

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