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Digital marketing trends are constantly changing to catch up with the new audiences and technologies that have the potential to change the way how people interact with the content on the Internet. In the eCommerce industry, digital marketing plays a significant role in attracting, retaining, and encouraging customers to buy more often from a store. In the article, we will discuss five digital marketing trends and how they can be used in the marketing strategy for an eCommerce site.

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Social media

Social media platforms have become integral to almost every marketing strategy for brands. Since users spend a lot of time browsing social media, the integration of promotion or brand recognition into these platforms is an effective way to gain wide exposure. There are different ways in which brands can utilize social media to build brand image or advertise products. In particular, a brand can create a page on one of the social media platforms to perform different activities among the followers or just use social media as an advertising channel. Having a social presence and activity also contributes to brand loyalty as it shows that a company engages in similar activities as the users. In terms of eCommerce, the trend with social commerce is on the rise as more merchants have started to use social media platforms to sell their products there directly. In our article on Social Commerce, we discuss this opportunity for online stores to use social media as a channel to sell the products. Many eCommerce sites started to use the capabilities of big platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to make the shopping experience easier for customers and to promote the services to more users.

Influencer marketing

The concept of influencer marketing means that brands collaborate with famous people on the Internet to promote their products. This move not only works as advertising but also contributes to the increase of trust towards a brand. Working with an influencer for brand promotion is an important step to reinforce the brand image because users are more likely to believe a person they have already trusted rather than the brand that tries to convey the message to the users. In contemporary media, influencers play a significant role in communicating to wider audiences. For an eCommerce website, collaboration with influencers can be an opportunity to advertise the store to the target audience. In addition, working with influencers can be utilized for other marketing activities like livestream commerce.

Live streaming and live commerce

This marketing trend implies that brands use live streaming to promote their products and services through this interactive medium. People who watch live streams are more connected and engaged with a brand because it has an entertaining value. For certain types of businesses, live streaming is especially advantageous because it can be utilized as a promotional channel and as a method to convey brand imagery. For instance, the concept of live commerce has become a rising trend in the eCommerce industry because it allows merchants to display their products and sell them directly through live streams. Considering that this trend proved to be very effective in the Asian market and influential for the eCommerce industry, with the proper strategy, live streaming and live commerce can bring considerable benefits for the brands in different markets.

Email marketing

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Another marketing trend that isn’t going away and still should be considered seriously is the use of emails for marketing purposes. In our blog, we have already talked about the importance of email marketing in eCommerce. Namely, it can be used as a communication, brand awareness, and lead generation tool. The statistics indicate that 8 out of 10 welcome letters are opened by users. Moreover, 59% of users say that emails influence their purchasing decisions. The data about email marketing constantly prove that it is one of the most effective channels. Especially in eCommerce, email notifications about promotions, cart recovery, and welcome letters contribute to better conversion rates. Therefore, marketers should consider the best practices like personalized letters and targeting the specific audience for email marketing to get the most out of it.

Conscious marketing

The approach of conscious marketing implies that a brand or company is responsible for the sustainability of its practices in the manufacturing, distribution, and other aspects of its business. This marketing demonstrates the idea about the ethical values of a brand/company. Moreover, to conscious marketing, one may also include the consideration of socially important topics in brand communication and promotion. The primary outcomes of conscious marketing are an increase in loyalty and a positive relationship with the audience. For an eCommerce business, the promotion of eco-friendly approaches and products is one of the ways to ensure that a store adheres to the conscious strategy. Nevertheless, prior to implementation, it is vital to identify the values of a company and understand what aspects of a business can be considered as part of conscious and sustainable marketing.

Bottom line

One may agree that most of the trends, like email or social media marketing, will remain to be the main consideration for the promotion and communication between brands and audiences. Meanwhile, with the development of technologies and new media, such things as influencer marketing and live commerce should be seriously examined for the marketing strategy. Lastly, the idea of conscious marketing is a positive way not only to convey brand values to the audience, but also to influence the environment and society in a positive way.

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