How Can You Recover Abandoned Carts on the Magento site?

The issue of abandoned carts has been a significant problem for online retailers for a long time. According to multiple studies, the cart abandonment rate among all industries is 69.82%. This high number of failed checkouts signals the need for the store owners to convert items in the carts into purchases. This article will review the most effective methods of how to recover the abandoned carts on the Magento sites.

Checkout optimization

Firstly, you need to recognize all the obstacles that contribute to cart abandonment. The most common reasons why customers did not proceed with the purchases are:

  • unexpected costs (shipping or taxes);
  • the need to create an account;
  • confusing/complex checkout process (usually, more than one page checkouts);
  • payment security concerns;
  • not available payment options.

Some of these issues can be easily resolved with the appropriate tools and site design. Namely, a plugin that calculates total costs before the checkout (can be implemented only when a shipping provider guarantees fixed price on delivery) can prevent abandonment due to the unexpected costs, while SSL certificates would ensure payment safety. Also, the guest checkout option, availability of Apple Pay and Google Pay, and convenient checkout page can provide a smooth experience for most of the shoppers.

Follow-up Emails

Sending emails to notify about the abandoned cart can be crucial to finally convince the customers. For instance, there could be different types of follow-up emails: reminders, discounts on the items in the cart, or call to action to persuade the shoppers. For Magento, the store owners can use the integrated abandoned cart program by Dotdigital and its marketing features.

You can set up the time to send the follow-up email and to whom (e.g., loyal customers or new shoppers). Moreover, you can choose what type of email will be sent depending on the notifications’ configurations.

The email notifications are very effective because they remind the customers about their carts and could convert those who were determined to make the purchase but were distracted by certain factors. However, do not overflow the customer with the emails because it could be irritating, and your notifications could end up in the spam folder.

Pop-up messages

The use of exit-intent pop-up messages is a great way to motivate the customer to proceed with the checkout process. This method is especially effective if you do not have the contacts of the shoppers and do not want them to leave the checkout page. Pop-ups are considered as the first attempt to avoid abandoned carts. The pop-up notifications should contain a strong call-to-action message and maintain a light and playful tone not to irritate the shoppers. Since getting constant pop-up messages can be frustrating by itself, do not overuse them. You can find a pop-up extension on the Magento marketplace that will fit the needs and resources of your website.

Retargeting ads

With the help of the ads, you can remind the shoppers about the items they were interested in and added to the cart. Considering that the statistics indicate that 3 out of 4 customers notice the retargeted ads, this strategy could be a significant opportunity to win the shoppers back. The personalization of the retargeted ads is the key because it could help reach specific customers. For instance, showing the discounts on the items from the cart or just displaying the items on the visited pages could influence a customer to consider returning and buying from your website.


To reduce the cart abandonment rate and avoid the customers’ frustration during the checkout process, it is vital to optimize the purchasing experience to make it easier and more transparent. Nevertheless, the follow-up emails and pop-up messages could win the customers back and influence them to proceed with the purchase. Meanwhile, the retargeting ads on Google ads, Facebook, and Instagram could also work as a powerful option to remind the customers about your store and come back to make more purchases.

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