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How Do I Become a Shopify Developer?

Shopify is one of the most demanded SaaS platforms to launch an online store and attract more customers. Considering the high demand for Shopify developers in the eCommerce market, more and more people tried to figure out how to become Shopify developers.

This article will explain the essential knowledge and skills required to start working as a Shopify developer.

Learning the basics

To become a great Shopify developer, it is important to acquire technical knowledge and be aware of the eCommerce industry and know its peculiarities. For instance, knowing the demands on the markets, what goals the shop owners want to achieve, and the main technical features will help you get into the development with more experience. In Overdose Tech Club, we have different lessons that will help you enhance your knowledge in eCommerce development, and you can enroll in any training for free. Moreover, we frequently update the lessons, so you will find something that fits your expectations and ambitions as a developer in eCommerce.

Theme development

The store’s theme is one of the most significant parts of success because it is the face of a website and defines how shoppers will interact with a store. To start developing Shopify themes, you need to learn the basics of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Also, you will need to learn Liquid which is the main template language for Shopify themes. Once you have acquired these skills, you will be able to start working on the front-end of store development.

Apps development

A more complex part of the Shopify development is considered to be building the Shopify Apps. Developing an application for a store would require a deep understanding of Shopify APIs to implement an app. Additionally, you need to have experience in Node.js, React, PHP, Ruby on Rails, or Python to program the application that would operate with Shopify API. The official Shopify website offers the tools to develop an app and provides API libraries. After learning how to use these tools, you will need to apply the knowledge in practice of the back-end development.

Practicing skills

Practice makes perfect, right?! The same goes for the development of apps and themes for Shopify. If you want to become a demanded specialist, you need to practice your knowledge and participate in the development. The most effective method to practice your skills could be joining the internship program and helping with the development of a Shopify project. In this way, you can learn twice as fast and use your knowledge for real tasks. The internship and practice would allow applying for the junior positions and finally get the job as a Shopify developer.


To become a Shopify developer, you need to choose the direction that fits you the most and learn the programming languages required for themes or apps development. After you have decided whether you will be a front-end or back-end developer, you need to keep improving yourself. Following the news on Shopify trends and tutorials is the best way to always have a relevant understanding of the platform. Lastly, keep looking for opportunities to practice on real projects to get more experience and value in the employment market.

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