How to make a Shopify application

How to make a Shopify application

Building a Shopify application involves multiple steps before getting into the development. Notably, a developer has to create the idea, design the app, set up the server, and know the process of the app programming. Although the development with Shopify can be considered versatile due to the opportunity to use different programming languages and frameworks, it is crucial to know the Shopify specifics and its ecosystem. In this regard, we will discuss the process of developing a Shopify app and what particular things one needs to consider when launching an application for this platform.

What you need to make a Shopify application

Explore the market

The eCommerce industry is developing rapidly, and merchants require applications to resolve the specific needs of their stores. Even though Shopify provides a significant number of applications to fit the latest trends, there are still niches and particular demands that are yet to be filled. That’s why, before making an application, one needs to research the market and understand how your product can become wanted among the merchants.

Development preparations

To develop a Shopify application, it is important to know the specifics of this platform and its tools. The following steps provide the overview of what you need to start your development process:

  1. One has to create a Shopify Partner Account which is used by merchants and developers to get started with the application development and other business tips on how to make online stores better.
  2. Create a Development Store in the Partner Account where you can test and implement the applications that you are going to develop.
  3. Create an ngrok account to use as a server for web applications.
  4. Install Shopify App CLI tool that helps in the development of Shopify apps by populating a development store, creating starting code, and performing other tasks to speed up the development with Shopify.

Install the latest version of Node.js and Node.js package manager.

Making a Shopify app

As it was mentioned above, it is very important to install all the necessary components and Shopify App CLI in particular because it makes the development much more effective. 

Another important thing to mention is that creating a Shopify app can be done with different programming languages like PHP, Node, or Ruby. 

  • Create a Shopify app in the terminal of your IDE.
  • Then, you need to create the tunnel between the local development and the Shopify environment. For this, you can use an ngrok account and connect it with Shopify App CLI.
  • After that, you will need to login into your Shopify Partner Account and install your app on the development store that you have created earlier. Create an app
  • After you have installed an app, you can test and design it by populating the store with example products and data. Also, you need to configure the webhooks to have the data changes updates.

Nevertheless, these steps are the basics for creating a Shopify app. For more detailed instructions, one may check the official documentation which provides all the necessary information and tools that could help in the development process. 

Bottom line

Lastly, you need to decide whether your application will be public and available on the Shopify app store or it will be custom-made for particular customers that can be accessed only by them. However, one has to consider that there are specific security, interface, and technical requirements for an app to be published on the Shopify App Store publicly. In any case, you still need to work on the support and improvements of your app. In addition, make sure to properly test your application before the launch because you will lose not only the profits from the merchants but also the trust and reputation as a reliable app developer.

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