Is Starting an eCommerce Store a Good Idea Right Now?

With the contemporary trends of online interactions between people, the major share of retail operations have moved to digital platforms. Mainly, it is due to the fact that making online purchases is much more convenient for a customer. In this regard, different trends and ways of selling goods online have occurred. In this article, we will explore the essential trends in the eCommerce business and analyze why it could be a lucrative venture in 2022.

Online shops

Opening an online shop will always be beneficial for any business, at least due to advertisement and an online presence. After the pandemic, more and more retail businesses emphasized their online operations. There are multiple ways to make an online store today. For instance, every person can open a store with SaaS platforms like Shopify or BigCommerce. We also consider that hiring professionals to build more complicated stores is a significant opportunity for large-scale businesses to increase their sales. Moreover, in our Overdose Tech Club community, we foster the professionals and eCommerce enthusiasts to improve their skills and knowledge in eCommerce development. Our free courses for Junior Magento 2 Backend and Frontend developers would help to train even more professionals in the eCommerce sphere.


Another profitable type of eCommerce is known to be drop-shipping. This form of retail business implies that a seller does not have the stock of the products to sell, but rather establishes connections with the different suppliers which can deliver the products to the customers. Even though this type of eCommerce business is heavily reliant on logistics and management, the primary emphasis should be on the website. Mainly, it is because customers expect responsive store navigation, convenient interface, and important features that show the availability of products and actual prices. Building a store with all the necessary functions for drop-shipping purposes usually involves the work of professional developers. Our Overdose. team has vast experience in creating drop-shipping websites for large-scale clients. Additionally, we also organize meetups with the eCommerce developers to share our knowledge and experience in working on such projects.

Other eCommerce trends

Besides the eCommerce operations through the websites, social selling is a significant trend which is on the rise. The popular eCommerce platforms work with the biggest social networks to integrate the shopping experience into the social media platforms. This trend would definitely boost eCommerce sales because it makes the shoppers’ journey more convenient and personalized to appeal to specific consumers. Hence, one may admit that the future trends of eCommerce are related to the changes in the online customer experience. For instance, virtual shopping and the use of augmented reality to try on clothes could be the future of eCommerce websites. Considering the endless possibilities for the development of technologies and the reliance of people on online shopping, the eCommerce industry will only keep on evolving in the future.


The eCommerce industry becomes more profitable every year due to the shift of customers to online shopping. Moreover, the evolution of eCommerce development would allow the online stores to bring more customers and make their experience more convenient. With the different forms of eCommerce business and the potential for growth, one may agree that starting a business in this sphere can be a very profitable decision right now.

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