how to recognize and prevent

Professional burnout: how to recognize and prevent

A widespread problem of the modern civilized world – the syndrome of “professional burnout”. In the pursuit of success, we often become workaholics. This peculiarity does not go unnoticed for our body because it has severe consequences for the employee in the case of prolonged exposure.Therefore, we can recognize the syndrome by the following signs:

  • Mood! Where is it? See things in black and white?
  • Increased irritability, which escalates into outbursts of anger;
  • “Reduced” immunity: a state of constant sleep deprivation, regular headaches and colds;
  • Reduced efficiency and loss of interest in their professional activities.

But how can burnout be prevented and overcome?

  • Listen to yourself – it will help to notice the first symptoms of fatigue on time;
  • Take care of your work & life balance;
  • Begin to master time management skills – plan your day;
  • Don’t despise “Time-outs” – it’s essential to take breaks during the working day: go out to lunch in the yard or look away from the monitor;
  • Spend time not only at work but also at your interests and needs;
  • Don’t overtime;
  • Get enough rest and exercise regularly.

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