Setting up Ubuntu 22.04 LST after the installation

In this article, we will talk about how to set up Ubuntu 22.04 after the installation. We will review basic settings such as keyboard layout, appearance, and installing extensions.

System updates

To update the list of packages in the repositories, run the command:

sudo apt update

Then, for the update of the system, execute: 

sudo apt full-upgrade

Updating all snap packages:

sudo snap refresh

Setting up Gnome

Gnome-tweaks — is used for more precise settings of Gnome. Basically, it removes certain elements that you did not get used to and allows making the environment more friendly for you. 

Installing package gnome-tweaks

sudo apt install gnome-tweaks

Keyboard layout

Many people got used to switching between languages with the combination Alt+Shift. By default, Ubuntu 22.04 uses the combination Win+Space. However, it is possible to set up more common key combination. You need to install the tool gnome-tweaks

Choose the section Keyboard —

The best extensions for Gnome on ubuntu 22.04:

Previously, to install the Gnome extensions, the tool gnome-tweak-tool was used as well as the web-site Now, the extension management system was reworked, and the special tool gnome-shell-extension-manager was created. To install this tool, execute the command:

sudo apt install gnome-shell-extension-manager

The application can be launched in the main menu. You can review all the installed extensions here and also install new ones.

The list of my extensions:

  • Caffeine — blocking the screen auto suspend while watching a video;
  • User Themes — user themes;
  • Dash to panel — application panel in more usual design;
  • Status Ara Horizontal Spacing — fixes uneven intervals between icons on the top right part of the panel;
  • Applications Menu — application menu by categories.

Color scheme

Ubuntu 22.04 has the option to choose the color of the system. Open the section Appearance and choose the color that you like. Also, you can switch to dark mode in this section.


In this article, we reviewed how to set up Ubuntu 22.04 after the installation. Even though these are not all the settings you can do, they are the most essential and easy ones that I do right after installing the new LST version of Ubuntu.

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