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Seven tips on how to work effectively remotely

One of the main advantages of our company is total flexibility and option to choose – work at home, in the office, or combine both options in any way. Relying on our own experience for productive remote work, we have identified several recommendations:

  1. Organize a comfortable work area.

It is essential to allocate a separate place in the apartment. Sofa, bed and kitchen are not suitable for this. Therefore, equip a workspace that will temporarily become your office.

2. Try to divide work and personal life.

Working at home is twice as strenuous as working in the office, so it is vital that your loved ones understand the situation and do not distract you.

3. Fight the urge to work in your pajamas.

Be sure to follow your usual work routine to maintain your productivity.

4. Find your way to self-organize.

In order for work at home to be effective and enjoyable, invent your lifehacks. For example, there is an excellent “tomato method” when a certain amount of work divides into 25-minute intervals. So, set a timer and take more coffee breaks.

5. Invent for yourself a ritual or tradition that would symbolize the beginning and end of the working day.

6. Do more exercises.

After sedentary work, the best thing to do is to switch and give your body a signal to relax, your movement, which will stop the negative effects of prolonged sitting and support you on the path to good health!

7. Communicate with your colleagues daily, as remote work leaves fewer opportunities for live communication:

  • Turn on the video camera during online meetups. This method transmits more information and allows you to concentrate better.
  • Take 5-10 minutes for small talk during such calls to distract yourself and talk about non-working issues.

We hope you find our tips helpful!

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