Shopify Plus: overview

Successful eCommerce businesses usually imply the growth and decision to scale a store. Also, with more sales and increased revenues, a merchant aims to optimize the operations to reach more customers and make the business more profitable. The Shopify Plus plan is what big-scale eCommerce stores choose because it offers more special features, technical capabilities, and financial benefits. In this regard, we will review the most appealing factors for the merchants to choose Shopify Plus.

What is Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus is the most expensive enterprise-level Shopify plan, which is designed for big-scale businesses which require more customization, technical support from the platform, and fast and reliable work of the servers. Especially when the traffic to the store is high, a merchant must ensure that a store works properly and does not impact the positive customer experience with a site. Shopify Plus not only allows more features and customization options for the storefront and checkout pages but also allows accessing code directly for the developers to add required features and scripts to a store. 

Moreover, this plan provides technical support from the specialists who can work out the solution to the store’s needs. All in all, Shopify Plus is a great option for big-scale stores because it incorporates all the technical and business features required for a store’s successful operation (or multiple stores). With the sales consultant, technical support, and merchant success program, there are more possibilities to develop the store and boost its sales.


The pricing for the regular Shopify plans starts from $24/month for the basic plan, $69/month for the middle-tier plan, and $299/month for the advanced plan. Each plan has its limitations and features that are accessible only to specific users. However, Shopify Plus starts from $2,000 per month and includes all the features from the regular plans and more. Or the price for the plan will be calculated based on the scale of a business. The pricing and all the benefits from Shopify Plus will be provided to a merchant by the sales consultant from Shopify.

Benefits of Shopify Plus over Shopify

Shopify Plus statistics. Shopify Plus

Granted, Shopify Plus offers more features and benefits for merchants than regular Shopify plans because it targets more functional stores with the greatest business demands. In particular, the most significant advantages of Shopify Plus include the following elements:

  • The launch engineer is the assistant that can help to set up any feature for a store and provide support regarding technical questions. 
  • Multiple stores from one admin. This feature is especially crucial when there are multiple stores in different countries and with different business directions. A merchant can also add unlimited back-end (staff) accounts to manage stores, while regular plans allow only 2 (basic plan) or 5 (middle-tier plan) or 15 (advanced plan) staff accounts. 
  • Improved performance. The Shopify Plus stores run on dedicated servers to ensure that customers do not experience slow loading even when thousands of customers visit a site simultaneously.
  • Lower sales fees. Compared to regular plans, the price varies from the plan from high to low. However, with Shopify Plus, the fees for transactions with third-party payment systems is lower, and for certain businesses, it is much more cost-effective to choose Shopify Plus and pay $2,000 for this plan.
  • More customization options. Plus membership provides access to advanced customization tools and making changes in the code. Also, the important aspect of Shopify Plus is that a merchant can customize the checkout experience and set up scripts for different sales scenarios. 
  • Integrations and exclusive applications. Integrations with Shopify Plus members allow adding faster and more capable APIs to the store to make the experience and operations more effective. Additionally, Plus members have access to exclusive apps designed for wholesale, store automation, and script editing.


Lastly, one may agree that Shopify Plus is an excellent solution for big-scale eCommerce businesses which operate high-traffic sites and plan to manage multiple stores. The main advantage of this plan is that it provides the best performance and tools for more advanced customization and integrations. Moreover, the unlimited staff accounts and lower transaction fees imply that Shopify Plus is designed exactly for enterprise-level businesses with high sales volumes and for ones that require more employees to manage a store or multiple stores. 

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