Should developers study Magento in 2022?

The popularity of Magento as one of the most reliable platforms to build the eCommerce store is based on the years of successful operations and trust of the big-market brands like Nike, Nestle, Samsung, Lenovo, etc. Considering the recent growth of eCommerce and online shopping, it is easy to predict high demand for specialists in this sphere. Therefore, a developer with the knowledge of Magento would be a valuable asset for the teams who work with this specific platform.

Why Magento?

The initial reasons why Magento is so popular include the flexibility, reliability, and stable performance of this platform. That is why many businesses choose to set up online stores which will be convenient for the users and easy-to-manage for the backend employees. In addition, Magento is an open-source platform that allows the owners to implement the needed customization. Meanwhile, the demand for Magento employees is booming, and it creates countless opportunities for those who managed to master this platform and are ready to apply these skills.  

How to learn Magento?

Magento developers are really valuable on the market because studying this platform requires some technical background to master it. In particular, proficiency in HTML, CSS, JQuery framework systems, and JavaScript would allow you to learn Magento more effectively and faster. Also, you would need to know PHP to be able to work with Magento. Nevertheless, it is also crucial to find the right course. In our Overdose Tech Club, we offer the Junior Magento 2 Backend Developer and Junior Magento 2 Frontend Developer courses where you can also communicate with the Magento professionals and pass the certification for free. Enrolling these courses would definitely benefit you because employers are more willing to hire certified specialists who have proven expertise.

What is the future of Magento development?

Magento has the potential to become the leader among the eCommerce platforms due to the acquisition by Adobe and the integration of its services. For instance, Progressive Web Apps (PWA) provides Magento users an app-like experience for online stores. Since PWA improves the conversion rate, Magento development will have a significant advantage over the competitors. Not only the PWA development toolkit but also other instruments of Adobe enhances the functionality of Magento, and thus, there would be more demand for the Magento projects and developers.


Undoubtedly, the developers should consider studying Magento due to the growing eCommerce market and the demand for specialists in this sphere. The reliable and customizable open-source platform attracts more business owners to build their stores using Magento. Additionally, the integration of Adobe instruments signifies Magento’s big future among the eCommerce SaaS platforms in 2022.

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