Should I use PHP to create my social network

Should I use PHP to create my social network?

Creating a social network website is a pretty complicated process because it requires not only conceptual work and making an interaction design but also involves the technical side and knowing how this social network will operate. Using PHP for the social network platform is among the most common solutions because of its versatility, ease of use, and selection of frameworks and scripts that could boost a site’s functionality. In this regard, we will discuss why you should consider using PHP for creating your social network and what are the best practices for this purpose.

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Why PHP?

PHP is a widely-known open-source scripting language that can be used for web development. The most important part of PHP is that it can perform scripts from the browser and be embedded into HTML. The most famous social networks like Twitter and Facebook were made on PHP because they can easily process the back-end request and send the responses when connected to the database. 

Usually, MySQL is used as a database solution to work with PHP. Moreover, you can use a significant number of frameworks with PHP to make the development process more effective, faster, and more functional. Nevertheless, one should remember that the front end of a social network is a huge part of success because it defines how your site looks and how users will interact with it.

Creating social network with PHP

The initial step in creating a social network is to create a login/registration page that will connect the database of the users with the profiles. Basically, a user sends a request by entering the login information, PHP then approves this information from the database and logs a user in. Eventually, you would need to add functions like messaging, active feed, comments, photo upload, profile pages, etc. (depending on the type of social network you want to build). All these features can be implemented with specific PHP scripts.

To create a PHP social network from scratch, you need to have significant technical proficiency not only in programming but also in designing the page and making a convenient interface. This process does take a lot of time and professionalism. However, you can also use PHP script solutions that have the functionality for social networks. These solutions work as platforms where you just need to modify the elements to meet the needs of your platform. Also, with such services, managing and customizing social networks can be very accessible even for the users without technical proficiency. For instance, the most known PHP Script WoWonder provides the tools to create a social network platform while assuring the high performance, customization, and security of the site. This script includes the following features:

  • Instant messaging;
  • Payment getaways;
  • Social logins;
  • Friends & communities;
  • Page updates;
  • Photo and Video;
  • Search through the site;
  • Likes & dislikes;
  • Post publishing;
  • and many more;

WoWonder Social Network Example

Basically, with this PHP script, one can create a powerful social media platform with functionality like well-known social networks. Also, you get all the statistics from the admin panel and can moderate the platform according to your rules. Nevertheless, with a solution like that, you need to pay for using and supporting your social network site.


All in all, creating a social network with PHP is among the most popular solutions due to the flexibility, affordability, and selection of ready-to-use scripts. Additionally, considering the popularity of PHP, there is a huge community and forums that could help to resolve any problem and suggest a solution for the development. Meanwhile, the primary benefit of PHP remains to be the notion that it is easy to deploy on any platform and has support for almost all browsers. It is up to you to make something special with these technologies and come up with the ideas that will connect people on your social network site. 

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