The Best Tools to Use With a Shopify eCommerce Site

Running an eCommerce business requires efforts to maintain the relevant business model and keep up with the useful software. Moreover, the effective Shopify tools could optimize your work and bring more customers to your website. 

Here are some of the most useful Shopify tools to help you manage your eCommerce site and increase sales.

Marketing channels

Social media marketing is an integral part of the promotion. The advertisement through social media is the opportunity to target more visitors. Shopify offers native apps for Google and Facebook integrations. The Facebook Channel promotes your products to Facebook and Instagram users, while Google Channel advertises them through the popular Google services. Nevertheless, to manage the conversion and other marketing statistics and improve your performance, you need to have the sales analytics tools that help collect and visualize the crucial data.

SEO tools

Setting up the SEO tools for your store is especially vital for digital sales growth. Luckily, the Shopify App Store offers multiple SEO-related tools to help you manage your store according to the most effective SEO practices. For instance, Plug In SEO provides everything your eCommerce site needs to appear higher in the search results. The application not only adjusts the meta titles, descriptions, and other parts of the site but also scans for the issues and notifies you about them. With the advanced SEO, you will see the growth of organic traffic and increase of customers.

Email and SMS marketing

Sending email notifications is essential for building relations with the customers, improving their involvement, and converting visitors into buyers. It is important to use Email marketing to send welcome emails, notify about the sales events, and send reminders about the abandoned cart. Nevertheless, SMS marketing is also an effective tool because reading an SMS is an entirely different experience. The app Klaviyo helps you to automate both SMS and Email marketing of your Shopify website.


Having the customer reviews on the products assists in building the trust of the shoppers and informs them about the quality of the products. The Shopify tool that integrates the reviews is the perfect way to build the reputation of the credible seller and help the customers make more informed decisions. One of the most popular apps for this purpose is Yotpo which allows you to collect and manage the reviews, showcase them on the website, and analyze the demographics

of the reviewers. Considering that reviews reflect and build social trust, it could increase your conversion rates.

Page builder

Along with the compelling Shopify themes, it is vital to have the opportunity to change the layout of your pages to make them more appealing to the customers. Moreover, the interface of any page is part of the user experience with a store. For instance, making the changes to the landing page and making it more appealing during shopping events is crucial for increasing the conversion rates. Using a theme editor for your Shopify store would help you design an attractive and convenient website for visitors. 


To maintain the consistency of your shop and avoid the high bounce rate, you need to ensure the high performance of the website. One of the most important Shopify tools to decrease the loading time of your page is the image optimizer which makes the size of the images lower while maintaining the original quality. Additionally, one may use the speed optimization tools like GTmetrix which provide the recommendation on the improvement of the loading time. As a result, the smooth customer experience and stable performance of the website would assure more returning customers and prevent the frustration of the shoppers.


There are many other tools for your Shopify store to boost sales, improve the customer experience, and increase the conversion rate. Also, don’t forget to use the backup applications for your shop to prevent data loss in case of a breach. It could be devastating to lose the database and reputation you have been building for a long time. With the tools for better performance, reviews integration, email and social media marketing, you will have the most crucial features to run a successful store on Shopify.

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