The importance of Email marketing for eCommerce

Despite the evolution of social media platforms as effective marketing channels, email marketing is one of the most common ways of reaching customers. In particular, emails can be used not only as a tool to inform a customer, but also as a means to increase brand awareness.

This article will explore the significance of email marketing in eCommerce and how it can boost your business.

Communication tool

Emails are considered perfect for marketing purposes because everyone has an email address, and the sent email will definitely be delivered to the customer. Email marketing is especially crucial for an eCommerce business because the customers have already decided to choose your shop and have provided their email addresses. Thus, they can be communicated via emails. Moreover, the active users who have subscribed to email alerts are eager to proceed with the communication with a shop and receive the updates that will be relevant for them.

Brand awareness

Through the interactions with the customer, a shop builds brand awareness and shapes the brand image. For instance, the emails about your company’s events and news would help create the impression that the customer is a part of your brand. It is important to communicate not only selling messages to the customers, but also provide more information about your brand and demonstrate your values. Sending welcome letters or holiday wishes would signal that a company’s communication is more about friendly relationships with the customer rather than just about the seller-buyer connection.

Customization options

Another advantage of email marketing as a communication tool is the fact that it can be highly customizable and personalized to appeal to any customer. In addition, the survey indicated that 72% of the users open only personalized emails. Customization and personalization are also essential to increase a brand’s credibility and create the feeling that they are familiar with their customers. The personalized emails according to the customer’s preferences and previous activities would also help to engage the customers even more.

Target the specific customers

Email marketing can pursue specific goals with automated lifecycle emails which aim to reach particular customers. For instance, the following lifecycle emails are the most effective in email marketing practices:

  • Cart abandonment emails. One of the surveys reported that the open rate of cart abandonment emails is 41.18%. These letters help to remind the customers that they have added an item to the cart but did not finish the purchase.
  • Welcome emails. Welcome letters help introduce your shop to the customer, make a great first impression, and even offer promotional coupons or deals for the first purchase.
  • Cross-selling emails. Depending on the previous purchases from your store, you can suggest similar items or offer the ones that usually go along with each other.
  • Wishlist notifications. Your emails can notify the customers about the discounts on the items from the wishlist or inform about the limited stock of these products. Such messages usually influence the customers to finally make the purchase they always wanted to make.

However, make sure not to abuse the email notification because it could lead to the customers’ irritation. Moreover, the excessive amount of mail could end up in the spam folders. Some of the mail services supervise the frequency and relevance of the mails and could categorize them as spam messages. 

Provides data

Considering that the behavior of the customers and their interactions with the emails could be measured, it is an excellent opportunity for the eCommerce store to recognize what should be improved and how well they perform. For instance, the statistics of bounce rate, click-through rates, and open rate help to assess the effectiveness of your marketing strategy and see how engaged your customers are. Knowing these numbers means understanding what parts of the strategy should be revised.


The use of email marketing for the eCommerce business is one of the most efficient ways to build brand awareness, communicate with shoppers, and target specific customers to increase conversion. Additionally, with the ability to measure the customers’ interactions with the letters, it is easier to create more personalized emails that will reach your target audience.

Being a relatively cheap solution that provides remarkable results, email marketing would definitely benefit your eCommerce business by helping to reach more customers.

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