Top 10 Questions About Starting a Career in Overdose.

Overdose. is an international company that is widely recognized in the eCommerce industry due to the projects for the global brands and partnership with the most prominent platforms. Nevertheless, we understand that the applicants still have many questions about starting a career in Overdose.

That’s why we are ready to answer the ten most common questions about working in Overdose.

What do we do?

Overdose. is a digital agency that develops eCommerce solutions. Using the most advanced technologies and practices, we help B2C and B2B clients develop practical and functional websites. We also provide technical support for the growth of the eCommerce sites and their marketing effectiveness.

What platforms do we use?

In order to maintain flexibility in the selection of the best solutions for the clients, we use different platforms and choose only the ones that would fit the needs of the project. Our Overdose specialists work with the biggest eCommerce platforms, including Magento, Shopify Plus, BigCommerce, Commercetools, and Shopware.

Where are we located?

Our offices are located in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Austria, Ukraine, Germany, and the United States. Nevertheless, we consider ourselves as a global team that cooperates with professionals from around the world. Considering our multicultural team, we can claim that we have an exceptionally friendly atmosphere that facilitates and encourages diversity.   

What are our values?

One of our core values in work is close cooperation with the clients to understand their goals and how a store should function. We also encourage creativity, openness, respect towards each other, flexibility, strategic thinking, and curiosity towards modern technologies. However, what we value the most is our people who work with us and create awesome projects.

What are our achievements?

Besides the trust of the global brands and partnership with the famous eCommerce platforms, we managed to earn awards and recognition in the industry. For instance, in 2021, we received Google Partner Award in two categories: Online Sales and Account Team. On NES – Ecommerce Summit, Overdose. was named as eCommerce Agency of the Year. And due to our impact on digital marketing, Dotdigital recognized us as APAC Partner Of The Year

Is special experience required?

For eCommerce development, to work with certain platforms, you do need experience. However, there is some good news:

  1. Experienced developers will easily adapt to the tasks in eCommerce. 
  2. Occasionally, we have the positions with the opportunity of a paid internship with experienced specialists as mentors. 
  3. We offer free educational courses in our Overdose Tech Club for everyone who wants to get into the industry or improve own knowledge in eCommerce development.  

What is the hiring process?

As soon as our recruiter contacts you and you are interested in the position, we will schedule a call with you to get to know each other better and tell you about us, our projects, processes, and our team. In return, you will tell us about yourself, your experience, skills, and ambitions. Depending on your experience and level of skills, we will offer you to complete a test task or move on to the technical interview. If you pass the technical interview with our specialist, maybe that day you will receive detailed technical feedback and desired job offer.

What benefits can Overdose. offer?

Working with Overdose. means having access to the educational platform Overdose Tech Club which was created to enhance the skills and share the knowledge with like-minded people. We have a loyalty program that rewards the employees with “coins” for their professional achievements and active participation in the company’s life. Anyone can buy awesome merchandise, shop certificates, gym membership cards, and other things with these “coins”.

We also encourage education, training, and professional courses for our employees. For instance, after passing the certification, our employees receive a financial bonus. We have free English courses with native speakers and online meditation sessions. For your comfort, we allow a flexible start of the working day (8:00-11:00) and are not strict with the estimates. Our employees can work from the offices or fully remote. 

What are my perspectives?

As we already mentioned, we support the desire of the employees to develop their own skills, and we provide all the necessary resources for that. Every six months, we do a performance review upon which we review the salary. Every employee receives detailed feedback about the performance and road map of their own development. Additionally, our employees have the opportunity to change positions within the company and get promotions.

How can I join Overdose.?

If our recruiter did not contact you, you can check the open positions on our website and respond to the one that fits your proficiency. We will definitely write to you and will provide feedback. 

The only thing you need to make the first step on your way to Overdose. is to let us know about you! We will wait for you in our Overdose. team to create awesome projects and develop the eCommerce industry together.

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