Top Shopify Apps to Efficiently Run Online Business in 2022

Every eCommerce merchant using Shopify as the primary platform needs to be familiar with the tools to run a business effectively. Especially with the great selection of apps on the Shopify App Store, it might be challenging to find the right ones that would improve your store’s profits. Therefore, we prepared the top six apps that we consider to be crucial to run a successful eCommerce business on Shopify.


Email templates. Klaviyo: Email Marketing & SMS. Shopify App Store. 

In our blog, we have already discussed the importance of email marketing in the eCommerce industry. This app provides email marketing capabilities to a store and SMS marketing tools. Klaviyo delivers a unified platform to track the customer journey and send push, email, and SMS notifications to improve a store’s performance. The notification automation is an excellent way not only to recover the abandoned cart but also to build brand image, retain customers, and win shoppers’ loyalty. Definitely, this application is one of the most important considerations when it comes to growing the business and making the most out of marketing strategies.  


Smile: Loyalty & Rewards. Shopify App Store

Another important application from the marketing category that can boost your eCommerce business is Smile. This application can create loyalty and rewards programs to make customers more connected to your store. In particular, by completing certain actions, a customer earns points which can be used as a discount for the next purchase. Meanwhile, the actions that customers perform are beneficial for the growth of your business. For instance, by making reference to your store, placing orders, and providing phone numbers (can be used for SMS marketing), a store generates more opportunities and sales. In addition, providing customers with incentives and rewards (e.g. Birthday points) is a great way to retain customers and build their loyalty. Therefore, with this app, you can easily design a loyalty & reward program that generates more profits and customers.


The application BeProfit is actually a crucial tool for store management, measurement of profits, and development of marketing strategies because it provides analytics and reports on your eCommerce site. BeProfit monitors all the activities of your store and calculates the costs, profits, and other data. The most appealing part of BeProfit is the notion that it visualizes detailed reports and statistics so that a merchant can easily understand and analyze the performance of a store from the dashboard. Moreover, this application replaces all the tools that collect the store data and allows you to view and adjust the business strategy right from the app and even from a mobile phone. 

Mobile version of BeProfit. Shopify Store

Lucky Orange

It is impossible to create a perfect store layout and pages that convert from the first try. Running an eCommerce store means that you need to optimize your site to improve its performance constantly. The application Luck Orange is designed to show the heatmaps on your sites, where people spend most of their time, and where they bounce. With this information, a merchant can understand what stops a customer from making purchases or what they are looking for in most cases. For instance, this app can be crucial for optimizing the checkout page to increase the conversion rate. Thus, Lucky Orange helps merchants to understand better how visitors interact with a store and optimize it to convert visitors into customers.

Heatmap example. Lucky Orange. Shopify App Store.


Customer support is one of the most important components of overall customer experience and service. In this case, Tidio is the best solution because it gathers all the requests, emails, and creates live chats with customers in one place. Moreover, the app can also use automated chatbots that communicate important information regarding cart, checkout, return policies, and other messages to the customers. This app can resolve the issues when customers are hesitating to make a purchase or need to clarify certain information. In this regard, a merchant can answer all the inquiries (even from a mobile phone) or set up a chatbot to help with that. 

Tidio Chatbot example. Tidio. Shopify App Store

Wishlist King

Wishlist King. Shopify App Store

The merchants might underestimate the importance of wishlist options on an eCommerce site because it seems like an unnecessary part of shopping. However, an application like Wishlist King, which enables the option to add an item to a wishlist, is an important consideration for the customer experience. It also provides information for email marketing. For instance, you can send notifications to the customers when the item from their wishlist is on sale or almost gone. These actions would evoke the urgency and desire to purchase these items, and it works as a reminder about your store. This application is a great solution to integrate the “add to wishlist” button and the wishlist itself because it is not available for Shopify out of the box.

Summing up

Indeed, there are many more apps to help merchants run their eCommerce business more effectively. However, these six can make a big difference in improving the conversion and marketing strategy of an online store. Also, you can check out our article devoted to the best tools for a Shopify store which expands on the topic of which Shopify applications are crucial for every store.

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