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Whenever I find a useful resource, I try to save it in the browser and sort it by category. However, I end up not using it because there are so many of them, and I cannot recognize them by their name or forget why I have saved them. That is why I decided that it would be more effective to create this article where I can conveniently browse them and know their purpose by the description.

Illustrations — professional illustrations and icons which can be used for websites without the link to the source.


Illustrations — the collection of illustrations with open-source code. You can download more than 120 illustrations for free and use them to create astonishing designs for landing pages, mobile applications, or presentations.

Evericons — the collection of 460+ well-thought-out icons for your project. They are free for personal and commercial use. — [png,svg] icons for every taste and format. — Material style icons. — Material2 style icons. 

Cheat Sheets — Flexbox cheat sheet. By selecting the properties, the visual representation appears and generates the css-code. — the collection of cheat sheets.

Shopify Cheat Sheet

CSS — a convenient tool that allows creating the gradients. — the collection of Sass and Compass extensions.

JavaScript — a convenient platform to choose the JavaScript libraries and frameworks.

Swiperjs — clean JavaScript slider

Glightbox — JavaScript library that can help to create galleries of photos, videos, maps, and any other integrated elements.

Tingle.js — minimalistic and convenient to use modal plugin written on the clean JavaScrip.

HystModal — another modal window on clean JavaScript.

FlipDown.js — light and productive countdown timer. 


Slick — great jQuery slider.

Remodal — pop-up window plugin.

Izitoast — light and flexible message plugin without the dependencies.


Get Waves — excellent service for the generation of continuous svg-waves.

Blind Text Generator — Lorem ipsum generator.

TinyPNG — compression of the image in PNG format.

Generator of the random user

Generator of the avatars

Fonts — service for the local connection of Google Fonts.


Lepton — free open-source manager for the code fragments for the developers. It will allow you to create and organize your own collection of personal fragments and have easy access to them. — another free code fragments manager.

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