Visual Studio Code extensions that every web developer should have

I prepared a list with the VScode extensions that managed to improve my effectiveness and productivity in writing code. 

Visual Studio Code — is one of the world’s most popular open-source code editors. It is supported by Microsoft Corporation and includes all the tools that are needed for software development with IDE (integrated development environment). Also, it offers a marketplace with thousands of extensions that add languages, themes, settings, and tools for the effective development process.

1. ESLint — a tool that searches and solves issues in JavaScript code. It reviews the quality of a code as well as the style of the code, helping to identify the programming templates that could possibly lead to serious errors; 

2. Prettier – Code formatter — this extension can format lengthy lines of code to make them easy to read by making them more compact and emptying a space.

3. GitLens — a powerful extension that helps to use the benefits of controlling the Git code in Visual Studio Code. GitLens displays important data and information about the current file. For instance, it can show a file’s history, commits, branches, etc.;

4. HTML Snippets — code snippets to work with html5;

5. JavaScript (ES6) code snippets — this extension comes with a bunch of code snippets for JavaScrip, which saves time in working with ES6;

6. jQuery Code snippets — code snippets to work with jQuery;

7. Rainbow Brackets — paints brackets in css, js, etc. with different colors. It improves understanding of a code.

8. Highlight Matching Tag — this extension highlights paired tags in your files; 

9. Auto Close Tag — automatically closes tags;

10. Auto Rename Tag — When you make changes to the tag, the closing tag changes automatically;

11. Material Icon Theme — nice-looking icons for your files and folders;

12. Settings Sync — this extension saves information about settings like GitHub, which can be downloaded and shared. Synchronization of settings was really helpful for me, especially during the transition from one PC to another;


You just reviewed the list of extensions that help me in web development. Although development is a complicated process in itself, I hope these extensions will make your journey to learning software development more smooth and more enjoyable, just as they made it for me.

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