We launched Overdose Tech Club!

Hi mate! We launched Overdose Tech Club!
Club for Tech Geeks & eCommerce enthusiasts.

We are focused on learning together everything related to eCommerce Tech and discuss topics related to our daily work. Our Club is a place where you can share your experience, cases, ask for advice, and find out the solution to various issues that you face.

eCommerce – in a global sense, it is all about online transactions, sales, purchases. It is a large ecosystem of different software that is integrated.
Many engineers, designers, marketers, managers, and other professionals work in this area.

Sales are the backbone of the world economy, nowadays making sales systems is a real art! Development in e-commerce is not programming for the sake of programming; it is the work and creation of solutions with an understanding of business problems. Specialists in this field have experience aimed at solving specific problems that generate income for organizations.

We invite everyone to the Club who wants to learn and share their knowledge. We want to connect students, mentors, co-workers in the same field.

There are currently two memberships in the Club: Tech Club Member and Tech Leader.

“Tech Club Member” is a member who can take training programs and interact with colleagues, share the experience. And Tech Leader is a member who wants to be a mentor or curator for a group.

You can join and choose a membership here: Memberships.

We also have specialized “Tribes.” Developers, QA Engineers, Project Managers, etc. Each Tribe has its group for communication.

In the Club, members are divided into two global groups:

  • Participants who take courses and training with mentors 
  • Experienced specialists who share useful information, discuss problems and show solutions, cases.

If you need more info about our club – you can send your message in this contact form, read FAQ, or ask questions in the chat.

Let build the Smartest & Strongest Community in eCommerce! Join our Club!

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