Web designer + developer: how to achieve the perfect tandem. General tips.

For the most part, designers and developers work together in harmony and love, but it happens that they complicate each other’s work.

This post is about how this can be minimized.

For the developer:

  • The complex layout isn’t necessarily a designer’s whim and a flight of fancy.
    Of course, every designer dreams of being on Awwwards, but for the most part, over-customized blocks of a site or application are a necessity primarily for the client and his business. Only patience and understanding can be advised here.

  • How can you urgently open a .sketch file for editing without a Mac?
    If you need to quickly change something in the sketch file, and all the designers are sleeping on the other side of the planet or just disappeared in nirvana, you can download the sketch file in Figma. From there, you can inspect the layout and export icons.

  • Let designers know if a block on a page is too awkward to developing and time-consuming compared to a standard framework/template/theme.
    Designers don’t know all the slums of development and together you can just think of an alternative and more convenient option, but it must meet the customer’s request.

  • If you need to change the color of the SVG-icon or group 2 images without Adobe and the designer, Figma comes to the rescue again, which by the way works through a browser and is completely free.
    For any executions, you just need to register. With Frame, you can merge images and export them as a whole, and with fill and border, you can change the color of the icon.

For the designer:

  • Developers don’t read your thoughts.
    If you don’t have a screen with what the message will look like when you send the form, or you have planned a brilliant Rococo style scroll, which isn’t added to all the screens you need, then don’t be surprised by the final result. Parts of the interface that you don’t demonstrate will look standard.

Well … almost like that

  • Make sure all images in the layouts can be exported. Icons in .svg, bitmaps of at least 2X for retina displays.

  • It is better to name blocks, pages, images, etc. adequately. Copy 01, Copy 100500 is hell. To all.

  • If you are working on a Ukrainian-language or Russian-language site/application, it’s better to choose fonts that support both Cyrillic and Latin.
    Some parts of the site may still have Latin text. Check the font on the bold type: it may happen that the same version in Latin and Cyrillic will differ in weight within the same font of the same typeface.

For the team:

  • Take an interest in each other’s work. In the sense of work, of course, but it’s up to you 🙂
    It is very important to know at least briefly who uses what tools to work with, what programs it works with, and what should be achieved as a result. Teamwork and the right questions can solve many problems

  • Think like PM.
    Even if you have a bunch of cool project managers on your team, it’s still useful to have an idea of the process as a whole, to understand how another team works. Awareness of the most energy-intensive work processes of another team can give interesting ideas on how to speed up everyone’s time and optimize workflows.

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