Which is better web hosting or WordPress hosting_

Web hosting or WordPress hosting: which one to choose?

Before choosing a hosting for your website, it is important to assess your needs, scope, the volume of expected traffic, and resources. Moreover, considering the wide range of hosting options and availability of the additional features, one must understand which type of hosting will be the most suitable in the long term. In this regard, we will discuss the difference between regular web hosting and WordPress hosting, and what you should consider to choose the right one.

Web hosting options

Web hosting services allow the site owners to buy the space on the servers to launch their websites. These web hosting services are designed to accommodate the sites that were made with different site builders and CMS platforms. There are multiple types of hosting options which include:

  • Shared hosting implies that a host owner shares the server space with other sites. In this case, websites with low traffic volumes and less technical and financial capabilities can benefit from the cost and ease of maintenance. 
  • VPS hosting is similar to shared hosting but provides better performance because your site will not be less dependent on the traffic on other sites that are stored on the same server. 
  • Cloud hosting provides even more smooth performance and can accommodate higher traffic volumes while assuring flexibility and stability for your website. Usually, this option is on the expensive side. However, it is one of the easiest to set up and maintain options with excellent performance. 
  • Dedicated server is an option that implies renting the entire server for large sites with high traffic volumes. This is the most expensive but the most advanced and high-performing hosting solution for site owners.

Consequently, one may admit web hosting services provide lower-cost options for different sites to launch their websites. With the variety of hosting types, site owners of any scale can find the plant that fits them the most.

WordPress hosting

The dedicated WordPress hosting option is an excellent solution for the sites built on this platform because it provides optimization and additional features for WordPress sites. WordPress hosting is a separate option because 43.0% of all websites are made on this platform. Thus, WordPress hosting provides the following advantages for its sites:

  • Optimized for better performance;
  • Customer support with an emphasis on WordPress;
  • Additional features and plugins for WordPress sites;
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Automatic general and security updates for WordPress.

However, the disadvantages of WordPress hosting involve the fact that it cannot be used for other websites, and it costs more than regular web hosting due to the specific efforts in optimizing WordPress performance and a dedicated expert support team. So if you decide to commit to WordPress hosting, you can only host WordPress sites there.  

What to choose

As one may suggest, the simple answer is to choose WordPress hosting with a WordPress site and choose regular web hosting with another CMS. However, it is worth noting in some cases, like with small-scale WordPress sites, it is more efficient to choose web hosting because it is cheaper and still can provide decent performance. Nevertheless, suppose you value the convenience and do not have the technical knowledge to make a high-performing WordPress site. In that case, the automatic optimization from WordPress hosting will do everything for you. However, it will cost you more than web hosting.

The choice comes down to the resources you have to maintain and pay for the hosting. With web hosting, you can get more value from the price, while with WordPress hosting, you can benefit from performance optimization, easy setup, and a convenient updating process.

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