Website promotion. Where to begin?

Getting visitors to your website does not happen as soon as you have launched it. Considering that it is not enough to have a great product to drive traffic to your eCommerce store, there are several ways to start promoting your site. In the article, we will discuss the initial steps in promoting your website and strategies to maintain a consistent flow of visitors.

Strong SEO

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One of the most significant parts of the promotion on the Internet is considered to be the SEO which assures that visitors can find your website in the search results. Putting efforts into SEO means that you will be among the first options from the users’ requests. As a result, there will be more visitors. Nevertheless, starting the implementation of strong SEO usually implies the work of professionals in this field or using dedicated services. In the eCommerce industry, SEO plugins play an important role in the promotion of a store and the products that it sells. For instance, there is a Plug in SEO app for Shopify or Advanced SEO Suite extensions for Magento that take care of the search optimization and provide valuable tips. Nevertheless, it is vital to realize that building a rating in search results takes time, but it is an absolutely crucial first step in promoting a site. 

Content Marketing

Another essential strategy for the promotion of a website is to implement effective content marketing that will be both useful and engaging for users. Depending on the type of your website, you can create different content pieces like blog posts, video instructions, news, or photos to make the connection to your site. For the eCommerce sites, it is usually engaging having video reviews or comparison articles that are relevant to the products on the site. Content marketing requires the understanding of your audience and making the content posting consistent and fresh. Therefore, it should be perfectly planned to achieve the desired results. Perhaps, observing the content marketing strategies from the competitors and applying own unique style and features could help one to drive more engaged users to the website.

Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the pillars of an eCommerce marketing strategy because it helps to recover abandoned carts, maintain loyal customers, and involve more people to buy from a store. Moreover, it is also used as a communication tool and a way to build brand awareness by reaching out to the customer. Customizable emails and proper strategy can influence the promotion of the site among the new users and show them the advantages of your store. We have already covered the importance of email marketing in one of our articles. We explain there how it can be effectively used in the eCommerce industry to improve the conversion rate and involve store’s performance. 

Take advantage of social media

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The promotion of a website on social media not only has the potential to attract more customers but also to build the trust of the users. You can use social media as a promotional channel for content marketing and engage customers through the posts on social media. Moreover, you can also use social media platforms as the direct platform for sales. The growing concept of social commerce has proven the effectiveness of selling products right from social media pages. Considering the diverse application of social media and how people relate to the companies that are active there, it would be unwise not to to use this opportunity. The crucial thing to remember is the idea that social media is not only a promotional tool but also a way to appeal to and earn visitors’ trust. For the eCommerce sites, this strategy could make a difference in building brand awareness. 

Consequently, one may admit that the promotion of a site is a pretty long process that consists of many steps. However, the essential concepts remain to be SEO, Content marketing, and social media presence. Surely, other strategies could help in the promotion, but the ones described above are relevant, have significant potential, and can provide long-term results.

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