What Are Some of the Best Magento Extensions in 2022?

Opening an online store on Magento requires significant resources to develop the applications and design. However, with the extensions, it is possible to reduce the development costs to use the necessary features. Moreover, the Magento extensions would help boost sales and increase the performance of every store. Therefore, this article will review the best Magento extensions that will be relevant in 2022 and will benefit your eCommerce business. 

Payment gateways

Installing a payment gateway is vital for any store to ensure financial transactions. In addition, it is vital to ensure that these payment getaways are secure. For instance, the integrated extension Braintree provides a secure payment module and offers many payment options such as PayPal, Venmo, Google Pay, and Apple Pay out of the box. In the contemporary world, people prefer to make quick payment operations using mobile payment services. Nevertheless, there are other modules that can fit the needs of any type of business.

SEO tools

In order to succeed in the contemporary market, your store has to be on top of the search results. Finding the proper SEO extensions will imply more visitors to your store. On Magento marketplace, you can find extensions like Advanced SEO Suite, which can optimize your store’s SEO characteristics to put it higher on the search results. Additionally, this extension has a wide range of features that would increase any online store’s performance and search presence.

Social logins and convenient checkout

The implementation of social logins for your store would mean that the process of registration would become much easier. Increasing the number of registered users could open opportunities for email marketing. Another benefit is the notion that the registered buyers would have a more convenient checkout experience. In addition, products like OneStepCheckout, which works with checkout optimization could help to increase the conversion by making the customer experience as convenient as possible. Notably, the checkout page can also be improved by the pricing calculator extensions that display the actual price to the customers with the calculated taxes and shipping. 

Cart abandonment tools

The issue of cart abandonment is one of the most critical in the eCommerce business because a significant number of customers do not proceed further to purchase. However, the cart abandonment tools like Abandoned Cart Email for Magento 2 help to recover the customer by sending the notifications. As the statistics suggest, 40% of the shoppers open cart recovery emails. Therefore, it is crucial to emphasize this aspect in 2022 and improve your methods of recovering carts. There are a lot of similar extensions on the Magento marketplace.

Analytics and marketing

Every store has to keep up with the sales numbers and overall performance of a business. The extensions that collect and provide data will always be crucial to optimizing and improving operations. By using the information regarding the popularity of a particular product or category, you can retarget your marketing efforts and make changes that emphasize your stores’ strong sides. Hence, data analytics influence how you could position your store on the market and decide the further direction. For example, the extension Advanced Reports offers reports in a visual chart format or data table. 


These extensions will always be relevant due to their effectiveness in boosting the sales of every eCommerce store. Nevertheless, in 2022, it is especially important to emphasize the convenience for the users to make them stay as long as possible and purchase items smoothly. The variety of payment options, optimized checkout page, and convenient store design would be crucial factors to improve the conversion rate. However, although these modules help the sales, the abundance of features could negatively affect the user experience and performance of a site.

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