What Is BigCommerce?

BigCommerce is among the most popular eCommerce SaaS platforms which allow merchants to launch online shops with ease. Namely, due to the SaaS nature of BigCommerce, every merchant can create and customize a shop without the need to worry about hosting and complicated development. Nevertheless, this platform has its cons related to the customization options. Although BigCommerce is popular among large-scale businesses, one may admit that it has appealing features for the different types of eCommerce shops.


The company started as a startup that eventually grew up into an enterprise that helps businesses with global names and provides services to more than 60,000 merchants. As the nature of SaaS platforms suggests, BigCommerce can be used on the basis of monthly payment, and it includes all the needed tools to run an eCommerce business. Moreover, every merchant can manage the store just from the browser and without technical expertise. The opportunity to manage and customize the store from any place provides great flexibility for the merchants to run a business effectively. A store owner can analyze the store data and constantly improve their own eCommerce shop with additional features and solutions.


As every SaaS platform, the crucial features of BigCommerce come from the extensions and plugins which can be installed on every store. However, due to the small community of the BigCommerce developers, there are fewer extensions and support than on the other platforms like Shopify. The major features are included in the more premium plans. For instance, the cart abandonment tools, product filtering, and Google reviews are available for the Pro Plan. Nevertheless, the most significant advantage of BigCommerce is the fact that it does not have the transaction fees for the leading payment gateways. Besides that, technical support via phone or chat is available for every plan. Even though the SaaS platforms are less complicated than open-source solutions, the users still report that the interface of BigCommerce is rather complex, while customization for the store requires technical proficiency and additional costs.  


BigCommerce offers four plans to fit the business of any scale. Namely, the monthly fee for the standard plan is $29.95. Unfortunately, you will not get the cart recovery features for this price and will need to change the plan if your annual sales are over $50k. For $79.95, you will get a Plus Plan that allows online sales up to $180k. Even though it includes the cart recovery feature, some other tools are still unavailable. Meanwhile, in Pro Plan for $299.95, online sales can be up to $400k with additional features like google reviews and product filtering are available for the merchants. However, there is also an Enterprise level plan which has a custom price and creates appealing functionality for the large-scale business with the specific demands for the store. Therefore, there is a decent selection of the plans to fit the budget for different types of eCommerce stores.


All in all, BigCommerce is the leading SaaS platform for eCommerce businesses which is especially popular and effective among large-scale companies. Although it is also used to provide services for small and medium businesses, the majority of the features are designed with an emphasis on a bigger scale. However, one may admit that the recognition of BigCommerce by the global brands means that this platform is one of the most successful in the eCommerce industry.

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