What is ReactJS and how it is useful in Front-End development?

ReactJS is one of the most frequently used JavaScript libraries for building user interfaces. In particular, React allows building the page by creating separate components. Unlike the frameworks, due to the component-based nature of React, it is easy to change and edit the interface because you need to edit only one part of the code. Moreover, it instantly renders the component when you change the data, making the code more predictable and easy to debug.

The benefits of ReactJS

ReactJS is widely used for front-end development by small websites and famous companies like Netflix, Instagram, and Apple. ReactJS is a convenient open-source library for the interfaces, and it has the following advantages:

  • It is declarative. React updates the results automatically;
  • Intuitive and easy to learn;
  • The interface components can be reused for other apps;
  • Supports external plugins.

These benefits of ReactJS make it one of the most utilized libraries for creating JavaScript interfaces.

It makes coding more efficient

The ability to code the separate components without breaking the logic of the whole application makes the process easier and creates more space for individual work. Meanwhile, the reusable components make the development process much faster and maintain the consistency of the whole project. Another essential feature of React is Virtual DOM which identifies the changes and determines how they should be applied to the real DOM to assure high performance and smooth user experience. Lastly, the code stability due to the downward data flow implies that changing an object requires only modifying states and making amendments.

Learning ReactJS

ReactJS managed to gain popularity in front-end development because it is easy to master and use. Learning ReactJS with the knowledge of HTML and CSS would be a very smooth process. Finding suitable educational courses is crucial to learn the peculiarities of React and how to work with it. Our platform provides free ReactJS training for those who join Overdose Tech Club (Free Sign Up). Besides, we also have free React Native training, which is the version of React library designed for iOS and Android development. We offer multiple other training programs that would be useful for the developers.


With ReactJS, the front-end development is more straightforward and effective due to the accessibility of this library and component-based format. Building interfaces with React is a preferable option because it has reusable components and allows changing the code of the specific element without breaking the logic of the parent structures. Moreover, the virtual DOM ensures fast performance, and thus, a smooth experience with an application.

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