What is WordPress? Is it reliable? Can it be used for eCommerce?

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) that allows users to build their own websites and blogs. WordPress is a free open-source solution with its pros and cons and different learning curves depending on the purpose and resources of a person who wants to build a website. Considering that WordPress is the most used CMS and 43% of websites are built on it, one may agree that it has significant potential and advantages over other platforms. Nevertheless, WordPress has concerns over its reliability and security.

The main features

The primary purpose of WordPress is to provide page-building tools for the users to create websites. Moreover, it has integrated options of themes and plugins that can enhance the experience of every site. However, the most important notion on WordPress is its open-source nature, which allows for endless possibilities and customization for experienced developers. Nevertheless, its page-building tools are easy to get into, even for users without technical proficiency. Creating a blog or business card website should not be a problem, especially with the guides and tutorials from official sources. Also, every user can easily manage a website from a mobile application. WordPress offers paid and free hosting options to fit the needs of a site owner. However, if you want your own domain name, you need to purchase it separately. 


Along with the open-source nature of WordPress, the question of reliability is especially important among the site owners. The main reason why some people are concerned about the platform’s security is the notion that access to the code provides the opportunity for cybercriminals to always find the vulnerability of WordPress. The platform put significant efforts into releasing the security updates and making its sites as safe as possible. Even though the platform is predisposed to the attacks of hackers as every CMS, with the consideration of security tools, the reliability of WordPress is much higher. With a strong password, the latest security plugins, enabled SSL, and secure hosting providers, any WordPress site is reliable and protected.

WordPress for eCommerce

This platform is successfully used for eCommerce not only by small businesses but also by large corporations. Like every open-source platform, it offers customization and great community support from the developers. It also implies that there are many professionals to hire who are proficient and can develop anything for your eCommerce store. Meanwhile, with the variety of plugins and themes from WordPress, it is possible to develop a store without getting into technical aspects. These possibilities to expand a site’s functionality provide the opportunity to scale the business. It is vital to mention that the WooCommerce plugin for WordPress allows integrating all the functionalities of one of the biggest eCommerce platforms into any WordPress site.

All in all, one may agree that WordPress is one of the most popular solutions to build a site of a different scale. Everyone can use it for creating a blog or business-card website, while merchants can develop an eCommerce website with all the needed functions. Although the security concerns related to the possibility of cyber-attacks make it less attractive among the users, with the proper security measures and plugins from the developers, you can effectively protect your site from cybercriminals.

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