What qualities should a developer have?

Becoming a developer is a complicated path, not only in terms of learning the technical aspects of programming, but also in terms of maintaining the consistent motivation to evolve as a professional. Although everyone can become a great developer, there are certain qualities that one needs to have or develop along the way to be a great professional. In this regard, we will discuss the crucial qualities that every developer should have and why they are so important.

Passion for learning

When you decide to become a developer, you need to understand that learning one programming language is not enough. Not only do you need to engage in the constant practice of your knowledge, but also be open to constantly learning new things. Even after you get the job, you still need to learn new frameworks, languages, and libraries to improve your skills and become more valuable as a professional developer. Thus, the love for learning is a must for a developer because otherwise, you will be behind the progress. Also, without a passion for learning, it can be extremely stressful to learn programming in the first place.

Problem-solving skills

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Frequently, programming is associated with finding the best solution to solve the problem. In this case, if you can identify the problem and apply the most effective solution or workaround, you can make significant progress in the development process. This quality is not only about the technical knowledge and skills that are required to address the problem but also about creativity and logical thinking. Moreover, problem-solving skills are also crucial for the interactions between the people involved in the development.  

Team player

Discussing the development process, one may mention that it involves the work of multiple people from different departments. A developer has to be able to trust the team members and also help them if they need it. This quality increases the whole team’s effectiveness, makes the development process more smooth, and gets you closer to the goals. Even though, in some cases, you will be working on your own, having interaction and communication skills is a huge advantage in making your progress and performance more effective.

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Time/task-management skills

Learning development and working as a developer might be very time-consuming. Meanwhile, you need to be able to find time for your personal life, hobbies, and other activities. Having great time-management skills would help you to balance work and life and maintain productivity in both spheres. The task-management skills imply that you can prioritize your tasks and avoid overtime. Time and task management are closely interconnected because they usually define how and in what sequence you can perform one task in a way that you will have time for other ones. An efficient developer should be able to maintain a work-life balance because due to overworking, the consequences of burnout might occur. Hence, a developer can stay productive and effective for a long time by managing the tasks and time properly. 

Being in focus

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This section is more about the skill of getting in the zone and being able to concentrate on the tasks. For the developer, it is important to maintain a consistent focus on a task because you deal with the flow of thoughts and apply them in the coding. Luckily, it is possible to improve concentration skills and remove distractions, but a developer has to be able to maintain patience and consistent focus on a process. Although this skill is important for almost every professional, for a developer, it is essential because most of the work is related to cognitive activity and the slightest distraction can disrupt productivity, and it could be difficult to restore focus. 


Lastly, one may agree that as long as you have passion for what you do, you will be able to learn the skills needed to be a successful developer. The mentioned qualities describe what a great developer should have to perform their job effectively. Nevertheless, these qualities could also be acquired through experience, dedication, and willingness to become an awesome professional. 

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