Which is more SEO-friendly: Wix or WordPress?

Putting your website as high as possible in the search results is the most crucial consideration to drive traffic and increase your eCommerce website sales. Multiple SEO practices allow for better ranking optimization, but each platform has its tools to enable better SEO optimization. In this regard, we will discuss the SEO capabilities of WordPress and Wix to decide which is a better fit for your eCommerce store. 

WordPress SEO capabilities

Considering that WordPress is an open-source CMS, it has much more flexibility and customization options in terms of SEO optimization than other website builders. All regular SEO tools are not only available out of the box but also everyone can install plugins and add features that would improve the functionality (but it would require technical proficiency). Also, the emphasis of WordPress SEO is on content optimization. As WordPress indicates, its themes are mostly built with the optimization of content in a way that it will be as close to the top of a page as possible

Basically, WordPress includes all the primary SEO capabilities like meta tags, Robots.txt optimization, permalinks customization, search console, sitemaps, etc. Moreover, there are numerous plugins that make the optimization more effective and simple. For instance, the plugin Yoast SEO provides automatic SEO improvements and advanced tools like meta description templating, in-depth Schema.org integration, and control over site breadcrumbs. However, the most important advantage of WordPress is its huge community that can always provide advice on optimization or troubleshooting. Thus, with the opportunities for additional customization, SEO capabilities are almost endless and constantly evolving.

Wix SEO capabilities

Unlike WordPress, Wix is one of the most popular hosted site builders, which provides a convenient experience in building, setting up, and managing a site. With the user experience in mind, most SEO features are available as a basic functionality and through plugins. Nevertheless, the built-in SEO capabilities of Wix are impressive and provide all the necessary tools for a successful search ranking. Namely, the sites on Wix are built with infrastructure that involves the needs of search optimization and provides the base of the organic search.

Additionally, Wix has an easy-to-use setting for modifying meta tags and descriptions, URLs, etc. Meanwhile, with the integrated dashboard Google Search Console, one can easily monitor the SEO performance of a site. 

Wix. SEO tools.

The primary emphasis of SEO with Wix remains to be the accessibility for every user and making the optimization as less technically complex as possible. With the SEO setup checklist in Wix, every user would see suggestions about what should be done to improve their ranking. Therefore, Wix emphasizes the user experience and makes the SEO understandable yet very effective. 


All in all, Wix and WordPress provide similar SEO capabilities for small- to middle-scale sites. The integrated tools are great enough to customize the basic SEO data and boost your site in search results. However, the advantage of Wix is its easy-to-use approach and interface for SEO tools which can be accessible almost to anyone. Meanwhile, the benefit of WordPress SEO is the notion that it is highly flexible and customizable to fit any need. With the large and more complex sites, it is more effective to choose WordPress due to scalability. But, with the simple sites, one might benefit from the convenience of Wix.

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