Why is Adobe Commerce the platform of choice for so many companies?

One of the main reasons why Adobe Commerce became such a popular platform for so many companies is the notion that it includes the high flexibility and customization capabilities of Magento and convenience similar to SaaS platforms. In addition, building a store with Adobe Commerce provides cloud-based capabilities, stable performance, and hosting. In this article, we will try to explain the primary benefits of Adobe Commerce and why it is considered to be the most suitable platform for so many businesses.

Effective for B2B commerce

As mentioned, Adobe Commerce presents an eCommerce solution that does not require complex and expensive development. For the B2B businesses which have to appeal to a specific audience, there is a need to have a ready-to-go eCommerce experience that can work with the cost-effective model. Considering that Adode Commerce is an enterprise-level of Magento, it includes the main B2B features out of the box. For example, it has integrated payment and shipping methods as well as order approval configurations. Besides, with Adobe Commerce, multichannel sales and order management becomes more convenient for the backend of a store.

Support for diverse business models

Coming back to the idea that Adobe Commerce is more convenient and less complex in management, one may mention that with this platform, a single store owner or small group can manage all the operations from the panel, apply the needed business decisions, and change strategies. Adobe Commerce allows users to review and analyze data from the eCommerce operations, and after that, a store owner can customize the store and business to appeal either to B2B or B2C audiences. Besides, the free extension for Amazon Sales Channel allows to expand the business operations and place the products on the most popular marketplace. Moreover, with the extensive features and security of the platform, it is possible to make your own marketplace.

Mobile experience

It is common knowledge that the contemporary shopping experience has become more and more popular on mobile phones. Namely, browsing a store and making quick purchases is much more convenient and accessible just from the palm of a hand. In this regard, Adobe Commerce provides the tools that help make the stores as suitable for the mobile experience as possible. The Progressive Web Applications Studio (PWAs) can make the experience of browsing sites on mobile devices similar to mobile applications. Therefore, the optimized store for the mobile phones creates more popularity among the users because they will be satisfied with the shopping experience.

High ROI rate

The statistics from the stores indicate that companies that invest in Adobe Commerce achieve high ROI percentages due to the benefits of the platform, its performance, and less involvement in the development process. The majority of the efforts (including financial) are targeted at the content creation and backend management of a store. With the assistance of Adobe Experience Cloud, every business can effectively assess the performance of a store and what should be done to improve it. According to the study, ROI with Adobe Commerce Cloud is 250%. The main elements of this success are the high conversion rates and site traffic, mobile revenues, and low downtime. Subsequently, these factors positively contribute to the user experience and high performance.


All in all, businesses choose Adobe Commerce due to the more convenient store development process and the wide range of features that can boost sales. The emphasis on the mobile versions and performance of a site creates a positive shopping experience that drives customers to the store. Additionally, the high ROI percentage signifies that Adobe Commerce is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms.

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