Why Is eCommerce Development Trending?

The eCommerce business is one of the most lucrative industries in the contemporary world due to the significant preference of the consumers for the online shopping experience. The demand for online stores has increased dramatically, and the retailers decided to move their operations to the digital environment. This tendency influenced the evolution of eCommerce development and created new trends in this sphere. Therefore, this article will discuss the primary reasons why eCommerce development is trending, the opportunities for the programmers, and how to use this trend to benefit in the future.

The rise of eCommerce development

Considering the increase in the demand for building online stores, the companies are hiring more and more eCommerce developers. As the study suggests, due to the growth of online interactions, more people started to explore online shopping and made their first purchases. In 2020, since the start of the Pandemic, more than 150 million people made their first purchases online. This data tells us that the eCommerce business will have only more users in the future. Meanwhile, to optimize and improve the user experience, online shopping has to apply innovations and the best technologies to assure a competitive advantage. Hiring experienced and talented eCommerce developers would mean that they will contribute to making an online store with the features that could bring a competitive edge to a store. 

Opportunities for the developers

Becoming an eCommerce developer is a profitable career path and can be an interesting journey with multiple opportunities. Namely, there are different platforms and directions for eCommerce development. Even though building a store on SaaS platforms requires technical involvement and programming only for the complex stores, open-source platforms like Magento require hiring eCommerce professionals. Our Overdose. team has experience in working with multiple platforms. Moreover, in our Tech Club, we managed to create free courses for Junior Magento Backend and Frontend developers, so that every developer can learn how to become an eCommerce developer. We can prove that eCommerce development can be a challenging yet exciting industry where any programmer can apply their extraordinary skills and grow as a professional.

Future of eCommerce development

With the undeniable progress of technologies in development and the rise of the online business, the eCommerce industry will keep evolving. Considering that the online shops will become more interactive, this notion implies that it is vital to foster talented eCommerce developers who would be able to bring something new to the industry. The emphasis of the development might be not only on the AI technologies and optimization of the user experience but also on the interactive elements of online shopping. For instance, the potential use of virtual and augmented reality for the shoppers means that eCommerce development would require more specialists with advanced technical skills.

Becoming an eCommerce developer

Becoming an eCommerce expert is a complicated process that requires the understanding of not only development but also the business logic and requirements. Nevertheless, it is possible to start working as an eCommerce developer, you need to learn how to adapt the programming skills to the industry needs. Namely, for the frontend and backend developers we offer free Magento 2 courses and training programs for anyone who wants to join our club of professionals. We also work on expanding our educational database and writing new articles about the eCommerce industry and development in particular.

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