Club Membership

Club Membership

Please join us in the club and select a membership type you want. After registration in the club, you will be able to:

communicate with like-minded people, share knowledge and experience, publish their own technical articles and various materials, as well as lead groups

watch free video tutorials of our courses for Junior Magento 2 Frontend and Backend developers, as well as pieces of training on such topics as Docker, Native JS, Elasticsearch, and much more

take part in Magento Meetups

After you apply to join the tribe, wait 1-3 days, our managers should review and confirm your application.

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Upgrade to:

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Overdose Tech Club Member

Is a part of our community who can access tutorials, ask mentors for advice, communicate with colleagues, and share the experience with like-minded people.

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Overdose Tech Leader

Is an experienced professional who shares valuable knowledge, helps to solve problems, explains relevant cases and technical aspects, and engages in mentoring the club members or curators of the group.

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