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Overdose Tech Club is a community space for everyone who wants to become a specialist in the eCommerce industry or develop existing expertise in this area. Meanwhile, the senior specialists can become Tech Leaders to share their wisdom and help others to become better as professionals.

Our specialists help us to expand the learning base and participate in the discussions because we want to share our expertise in eCommerce development and involve more specialists in this industry.

To register at Overdose Tech Club you must select the preferred membership type. There are currently two types of members in the Club:  Overdose Tech Club Member and Overdose Tech Leader.
Follow the link and sign up with your corporate emai

Overdose Tech Club Member is a part of our community who can take tutorials with mentors, communicate with colleagues, and share their own experiences.
Overdose Tech Leader is an experienced professional who shares valuable information, helps solve problems, sometimes shows solutions and cases, and desires to mentor other members or curators of the group.

As a Tech Club Member, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Access the forums;
  • Enroll in training programs;
  • Watch video lessons on popular eCommerce technologies;

Communicate in groups with eCommerce developers, QA Engineers, and project managers;

As a Tech Leader, you will have the opportunity to make following contributions:

  • Share wisdom and development tips with club members;
  • Answer questions related to your expertise;
  • Publish technical articles on our portal;
  • Organize online meetings to share experience on relevant topics; 

For the active participation, Tech Leader receives our virtual currency OD Credits.

You must register as an Overdose Employee using the corporate email: https://odtech.club/plans/overdose-core-team-members/

After registration in the club, you will be able to:

  • communicate with like-minded people, share knowledge and experience, publish your technical articles and various materials, as well as lead groups;
  • take part in Magento Meetups;
  • watch free video tutorials of our courses for Junior Magento 2 Frontend and Backend developers and training sessions on such topics as Docker, Native JS, Elasticsearch and more;
  • Exchange OD Credits, which depend on your activity, for a variety of products from Shop OD Tech Club!
  • Share credits with colleagues. You will find the “Send Credits” feature on the page in the main menu of your profile.

Please wait while the admin approves your profile.

After choosing a membership, professional program, or course, your account goes through a verification process.

Our manager can contact you to check your knowledge or clarify additional information.


After verification, you’ll receive an email about your profile’s status.

In other words, the professional program is your specialization.

By joining a professional program, you get access to groups and forums of this specialization. Choose what you would like to learn or improve.

Yes, but you will pass into the verification process. We need to make sure you are the right fit for the program.

For any questions related to OD credits, bugs, or other issues write us in Slack: @ yana.o_od or via email: yana.opanasiuk@overdose.digital.

All training programs and events are free. Only one condition is to go through the profile verification by our manager. It may take up to 3 business days. We hope you are a real person and want to develop in our club.

Find the Profile Menu and click on the “Trainings” -> “My trainings” (Look at the screenshot).


Yes! To do this, join the groups that are available to you. And also look for other members in the “Members” section of the header menu. You can send messages to them.

If you have a question, write to the site’s chat support on the right of the screen. The site administrators will definitely answer you as soon as possible.

Please describe your problem in the support chat on the right of the screen.

If you have any questions, bugs, or other issues, you can write to us by email: yana.opanasiuk@overdose.digital